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Types of Grooms

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Indian weddings are famous for a lot of things: For being OTT, the glam-n-gossip and so much more! But the bride and groom remain the focus of everyone's attention.

Now that you’ve read about the different types of brides you are likely to come across at weddings, it’s time to put the spotlight on the bride man aka the groom.

Keep a bevy handy in case you recognize yourself as one of the following grooms. As always, nobody holds TWPC responsible for the antics of these grooms!

Groomzilla: If there is a male version of Meryl Streep's Devil wears Prada character, our man here will be the right fit! Mr. Perfectionist wants to control the minutest details. Everything from the chocolate in chocolate mousse to the singer's playlist should pass through him. We say he really needs to take a chill pill!

My fair lady/lad ?: This metrosexual is more put together than his bride. He has already chosen swatches for his sherwani with embroidered shoes and a matching turban from TT's latest collection..Just taking a little while to choose his MUA ....neverrrr mind .. it's the no-makeup look ya!

Late Latif: Anu aunty & gang have already tasted all the snacks while the baraatis are still dancing to rum rum rum rum ho whiskey! Why is the baraat so late? Our groom here has taken inspiration from the movie Hangover, and so, believes in commemorating each function with a round of shots with his entourage. The result? A drunk dulha & a very late baraat!

Mr. Keep everyone happy: This dimple cheek makes it a point to check up on his fiancé, his friends, his fiancé’s friends, and family members all throughout “his” special day. Ladies, he is the comfortable Kursi you're all looking for!

Mama’s boy: He has only one answer to all questions: My mummy would know!

The budgeter: This guy doesn’t like spending on unnecessary things, all to the wrath of his lady love! Surely, the haldi ceremony wouldn’t be any less auspicious if he doesn’t get a yellow kurta especially stitched for the occasion, right? The wise one is here to stay we say!

(Not roadside) Romeo: He just can’t get enough of his bride. Eyes always on his wifey-to-be, this smitten puppy has most probably written a song for her which he’ll surprise her with at the sangeet. Awww...

Mr flirtatious: Along with his groomsmen, he is looking for some harmless, last-minute fun before he takes the plunge. His target? The unmarried saalis!

The enthu-cutlet: This mister is super excited about the wedding. He wants a bridgerton-inspired wedding & the flower arrangements to be reminiscent of his love story. He has made a wedding countdown group and is also the most active member of it! His excitement is truly infectious!

Cool Buoy: This chiller doesn’t care about the wedding preparations. Things like “why can’t I attend the haldi in my shorts, yaar?”, “Why do I need a trim? I’ve been growing my beard out for months!” can be commonly heard by his exasperated parents and friends.

Slim Shady: With this dark horse you never know!! He is a different personality every time!

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

No matter what you say, each groom is unique, and it is their uniqueness that adds a distinctive touch to the wedding. Here’s to celebrating our men, and their *ahem* many characteristics!

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