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Types of Brides and their Moods

Have you ever wondered what goes on in that pretty head a couple of months ahead of the big day? Anxiety coupled with excitement in addition to a gazillion what ifs, wtf’s, etc, etc. All Brides come with different moods, idiosyncrasies, and quirks. The Wedding Planning Company has put together a list of Indian brides you might come across.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person is purely accidental and unintentional. If you see yourself as one of the below brides, have a hearty laugh and rejoice!

Little Miss High Maintenance: Soon to be Mrs. Very High Maintenance. She will not wear anything less than a custom-made Sabya for her big day! Flowers flown in from Holland will make up for her floral jewellery, and bakers from Switzerland will make the wedding cake. And btw, to her, the size can be a deal breaker…size of the diamond, ya!

The Movie Buff: The ultimate Bollywood fangirl who has dreamt of her dramatic dreamgirl entry ever since she was 16! No prizes to guess the theme of the sangeet night is Bollywood and her honeymoon destination is Switzerland! This bubbly is “Main apni favourite hun in her head”, and she isn’t afraid to show it!

The Insta-Addict: This one & her girl gang are in sync. The paparazzi’s delight, they love being clicked and while she is waiting for the baraat to arrive, the bridesmaids have already posted all the behind-the-scenes masala on social media. Couldn’t attend the wedding? Don’t worry…you’ll see all the action on her insta stories better than at the wedding in person #FunDate2Soulmate

Bag of Nerves: Mostly seen hyperventilating before every ritual, this bride doesn’t need a reason to be stressed. Bridal trousseau lacking a garment? Holy hell! Take a shot of tequila! Mummy ji getting emotional? Not again! Down a glass of Merlot! While the fireworks and band baaja are getting closer the only pataka she might enjoy is a Jager Bomb!

Emotional Mess: Did someone say cold feet? She is the kind of bride who is trying to align her chakras till the last minute. Don’t be surprised if you see her on a call with her therapist a day before the wedding trying to figure out if she really made the right choice leaving her ex!

Hyper Nut: She is the devil who wears Prada you don’t want to meet! A complete boss girl, her life is made difficult by the service boy who forgot to wear gloves, and the décor person’s inability to find fully blooming flowers… You get the gist!

The Runaway Bride – This chiller couldn't give two hoots about the wedding preparations. She’s looking forward to marrying her loverboy at any cost, and that’s all that matters. If it all gets too overwhelming she is quite capable of running away & getting married!! This smartypants knows, ‘tension lene ka nahi dene ka!’

Pinkaholic: Miss pink wants everything at her wedding to be rosy coloured. The girly girl has been dreaming about her pink mandap, the pink lehenga, and the pink flowers at all the functions. *La vie en rose plays in the background*

So, which type of bride are you?

Written by Kk & Tanvi Jain

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