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Wedding Planner in Uttarakhand

Welcome to TWPC, the most premium Wedding Planning Agency for Jim Corbett Destination Wedding, your go-to partner for crafting the perfect wedding experience amidst the wilderness. As consultants, we take pride in handling every aspect of your special day, from A to Z, ensuring that your wedding is nothing short of extraordinary.


Guidance and Assistance: Navigating Your Wedding Journey

Allow us to serve as your trusted advisors throughout the entire wedding planning process. Our consultation services provide tailored support at every stage. Commencing with an initial meeting and concluding with the grand celebration, we remain committed to your vision, delivering regular updates and ensuring its realization. Our team of seasoned wedding planners not only offers invaluable expertise but also introduces inventive and contemporary concepts. Entrust us with the task of making your special day truly exceptional.


Seamless Coordination: Meticulously Orchestrating Your Wedding

Relinquish the intricacies of your momentous day into our capable hands. Through our adept coordination services, we guarantee flawless execution of every detail. Employing our expertise and years of experience, we work diligently behind the scenes, skillfully negotiating with vendors, bridging any gaps, and seamlessly integrating all services. With meticulous management encompassing, logistics, and streamlined Excel sheets, rest assured that our team will expertly oversee the coordination. Embrace tranquility on your wedding day, as we ensure ideal orchestration from start to finish.


Impeccable Execution: Orchestrating a Seamless Event with Crisis Resolution

Hand over the burden of executing your envisioned wedding to our capable hands. Our dedicated team excels in perfectly arranging your event from inception to culmination. With conscientious planning and unwavering attention to detail, we ensure the perfect unfolding of every facet of your special day. From coordinating vendors and managing precise timelines to overseeing complex logistics, our seasoned professionals proficiently handle it all. In the face of unforeseen challenges, our adept crisis management skills swiftly address any issues, ensuring a harmonious celebration. Entrust us to execute your wedding with precision and elegance.

bagpiper welcome

What better than a traditional bagpiper to welcome the guests ?

wedding favors

Miniature caricatures as wedding favors

Oranges suspended from tress

Vitamin C anyone?

Welcome Signage

Welcome messages are a great start to an event.

Welcome drinks

Waiting for the bubbly....

Cool wedding ideas

A fun facts card about the couple..let's spill the beans!

Mint to be

They say when it's meant to be it's mint to be!

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