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The Wedding Planning Company is a Destination Wedding Management & Decor Design Agency based out of Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand. We offer end-to-end wedding solutions. From baraat to bidaai, we take care of it all. With an efficient team of wedding planners and designers, we can make your dream wedding designs come to life.


We have divided our services into Venue Bookings, Wedding Consultation, Décor Design and Styling. You can come to us at the beginning of your wedding planning phase so we can start by suggesting a wedding venue or you can book your own venue and we can help you plan and design the look of your wedding. 



Smaller, grander, and more beautiful weddings are starting to define the modern trend. Couples nowadays want not just their clothes but also their wedding décor to be true to who they are and depict their individual style. TWPC not only whole-heartedly accepts this trend but also encourages it. That's not all, we love curating sustainable and eco-friendly weddings for our clients if that is what they wish for.


With our in-house design and production team, we can help you make your dream wedding designs come to life with the scope to customize within a competitive price, of course. Our approach is to understand the personality of the couple, and their personal style, and let it reflect in their décor of the wedding. After all a wedding is the couple's way of showcasing the love that they have for each other, to the world.

Private Parties


The ecosystem of weddings has evolved from serving your guests the best food to serving them the best experience. Quite frankly, managing and organizing an Indian wedding can be maddening, not only for the bride and the groom, but their parents and friends too. Months of putting together the minutest of detail, endless phone calls and to-do lists and dealing with multiple vendors and viewpoints can get quite chaotic. While the doctor may recommend pills to calm your frayed nerves we recommend ourselves!


We, at TWPC, will put together a wedding plan for you. There will be a dedicated wedding planner to help you with the planning process, as well as a team will be present on-site to manage the entire show from start to finish. Everything from guest management to vendor management is taken care of by us.

All you have to do is enjoy your best day with your loved ones!

Corporate Events


With the wedding intact but the motivations no longer the same, destination weddings are the new hit! So, how do throw the biggest party of your life for your own people? You take them out of the banquet hall into the wild and give traditions a spin!


All of us have some faint idea about how we want our wedding to look like. Some dream of a wedding against the backdrop of the lushness and greenery of the hills while some want to take their vows next to a river gurgling by.


You might have visualized your mehndi ceremony in the middle of an apple orchard with a view of the snow-clad peaks (with sasural genda phool playing in the background) or exchange rings in the middle of a coffee plantation. As much as these dreams sound like dreams, we can make all of that come true for you because you deserve to have the wedding of your choice.


If an offbeat wedding venue is what your heart desires, then that is exactly what you shall have.

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