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 How do I love thee, Kamakshi? Let me count the ways -


1) We contacted you about 8 months prior to our wedding and we went through weeks of email and phone conversations, back and forth where you entertained all our ideas and limitations. You were honest and didn't try to just get our business by quoting the number you know we wanted to hear. There was a limit you had which you couldn't cross without it affecting the quality of your deliverables and you weren't okay compromising on that - you made that crystal clear to us. We ultimately decided not to go with you because we felt like it was out of our budget. (People getting married - do your research, know the value of what you're asking for. We certainly didn't and it just created more hassle and stress for us at the end of the day.)


2) When things didn't work out with the vendor we had finalized, you graciously stepped in, TEN days before our wedding. You drove 6 hours to meet us on the only day we could accommodate and spent another 8 hours finalizing every detail down to a tee. We had a specific vision and even in the limited time left, weren't ready to give up on it just yet.


3) You could've easily said "I only have 10 days and X budget. This is the standard thing I can give you and that's it." You didn't. You wanted to give us our dream wedding, you understood it was more than just decor, we were having a relatively small wedding and it was really more of an expression of who we were as people and as a couple. You were honest about what you could realistically achieve and I think you pretty much gave us about 90% of what we'd imagined. That's 90% more than I thought would be possible given the time frame we gave you.


3) YOU FREAKIN' DELIVERED. I still have guests raving about how 1) they'd never seen a wedding in Rishikesh done the way it was and 2) how beautiful and unique the decor was. There was limited space and certain spots that had to be re-used for 3 different events, stretched across 3 days, and you managed to completely transform the same spots every day, without any delays of any kind!


4) You respected our vision and the venue. You stayed true to what we wanted, while adding your own flair to it. The end result was something out of a dream, truly. The venue was gorgeous to begin with, and you knew what was needed to emphasize its beauty and not overwhelm it with OTT decor.


5) You're a consummate professional but also a chill ladyboss who is just really passionate about what she does. Even when it was late and people got grumpy or snappy you never lost your cool. As a fellow patient person, I recognize and respect the level of patience you showed on this job.


6) I can keep going but I think I'm starting to embarrass you now. Seriously tho Kamakshi & team, thanks for making our wedding what it was. I couldn't have imagined all our ideas would come to life the way they did in your hands. My one regret is not just going with you from the start- i mean can you even imagine what you would've done with 8 months to work with?!


No worries though, you gave Chirag and I everything we wanted, we are eternally grateful and we walked away from this experience as #1 KK fans :P

Rishibha And Chirag 

Kamakshi and her team rocks! Kamakshi always put our views and thoughts on priority while working on the themes of all the functions. She was always professional and handled everything quite smoothly, especially when we gave her a hard time. She made our wedding look truly magical! Kamakshi went beyond our expectations (like seriously) to make our wedding beautiful and memorable. The overall arrangement and decor of EACH AND EVERY FUNCTION was just breathtaking. Words are not enough to do justice to her finesse and quality of work. Every event was unique and had a story to tell. Kudos to her attention to detail! Thanks TWPC for such a beautiful wedding!

In short...

Valuable is the work you do.

Outstanding is how you always come through.

Loyal, sincere and full of good cheer, untiring in your efforts throughout the year.

Notable are the contributions you make.

Trustworthy is the project you take.

Effective in the way fulfill your role.

Ready with a smile like a shining star, Special and wonderful- that’s what you are.



Lots of love!


Snigdha & Arunav

Kamakshi is worth her weight in gold.

She is a marvelous wedding planner and we would recommend her to anyone planning a wedding anywhere. Words cannot express our gratitude for Kamakshi and her staff. Our wedding was something out of a magazine! It was the PERFECT wedding and it's all because of her.


We came to her with a simple idea and She worked her magic and brought it to life. She offers extremely personalized service and excellent value for money. She tailors the wedding to the needs of the client. We are based outside India and it was ease communicating with her. She was experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable, reassuring and friendly. We really felt as though we had her complete attention. She knew many vendors and gave us plenty of options to choose from and those worked within our budget.


Meeting her for the first time in person was great! She was so professional and kind. She was most importantly extremely organized. Our wedding day was complete with an incredible boat ride. Gunjan, myself and all our guests said they'd never seen anything so amazing. It truly was like something out of a fairy tale. It was exactly how we wanted it to be, a blend of rustic, vintage and modernity.


Throughout both the days, Kamakshi stayed behind the scenes but always near in case of any questions or problems. When the day of the wedding came, everything went off without a hitch. She was like a design genius! It's like she read our minds! We loved everything she came up with! She respected our input and added her special designer eye to our ideas. The day of the wedding ran so smoothly.


Everything, every person, every moment... Trust us, just speaking to Kamakshi first time on the phone eased our stress because we could already see the wedding happening in our mind flawlessly and act as to what would, in reality, be included within our cute jungle wedding. She won half of our battle with those pre-wedding blues on the very first day of planning. Thank You very much, Kamakshi for giving us the most precious moments of our lives. Gunjan and I will cherish and love them till eternity!

Gunjan And Yash 

Kamakshi did an AMAZING job at planning our wedding and this was no small task! When you organise a French-Indian wedding and need to deal with very different pointa of view and requests, it's a tough job !


Her patience was incredible. She stayed relaxed throughout and was always coming up with great ideas. She understood straight away what we wanted and the decors she created for us were so beautiful.


We had compliments from all our guests ! Everyone had so much fun and everything ran smoothly. She was always present to sort out last minute things.


Kamakshi is genuine and will listen to you and suggest ideas without imposing. She is great to deal with people and she had an amazing network of vendors. From photographer, to make up artist, musician, artists, in the end, even though we are also doing our own research, we were always choosing what she had suggested!

Thank you so much Kamakshi 😘


Having seen the TWPC’s previous work at Jim Corbett, we were convinced of having them do our wedding decor and let me tell you it was the best decision ever!


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Kamakshi and curating our event setups. The team is extremely professional and Kamakshi herself was very understanding of our preferences and gave us some of the most creative ideas. Our wedding day was a DREAM and our guests haven’t stopped talking about it.

Thank you for everything TWPC and for creating memories for us that will last a lifetime. Keep doing the awesome work that y’ll do! Good luck!


mehak And Rahul

It was the best decision to hire Kamakshi and her team to plan our wedding decor.

She personalised every bit to whatever we said and even better. The setups were like a dream wedding, everything was very professional and detailed.


The team understands what exactly the Bride and Groom wants and outcome was simply amazing out of this world.


A big Thank you to whole team for everything and the lifetime of memories.


Baani And Abhinauv

Kamakshi Kothiwal, you are a MAGICIAN!! The first time we met you for our WEDDING and explained to you what we're KIND OF looking for, it seemed like you had secretly entered our minds and STOLEN our thoughts... The next meeting, you had much more than what we imagined RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, only a MAGICIAN can do that and for both of us, it is YOU Kamakshi. Me mentioning that I'm in love with your work is an understatement and as of yet, I haven't been able to find a word in the dictionary, I guess I'll create one ;-). We loved each and every moment of our 2 day destination wedding and all of it was carried out to PERFECTION, all thanks to you and your team. You all were on your toes, I doubt you even slept in that duration ;-)

Ashish always dreamed of a DREAM WEDDING and I could never fathom what it would look like, but, through your stupendous vision and your exquisite creation, I now exactly know what it is like. The niche and extravagant choice you have is something I'd die for and that was what made our decision stronger in you unfolding our WEDDING MOMENTS. Thank you for all the love and hard work that you and your team has put through. We will cherish it for the rest of or lives. Kudos to each one of you. With you and your impeccable team, our wedding was the first of many more precious moments we're yet to unfold.

The aforesaid mentioned was on a professional front, but what you've done on a personal front Kamakshi, you have stolen our hearts lady, I truly mean when I say this as I have moist eyes right now :-) I wish I could mention it here but you know what I'm talking about <3 

Shruti And Ashish 

It was a dream!!

 Kamakshi made the venue even more beautiful with her creativity and ideas. She understood our needs and created something which was even more beautiful than our imagination.


I could not take my eyes off the decor. The guests still cannot stop praising her and her passion for her work.


I highly recommend her to all. You can trust her blindly and she will create magic for you

Pashyanti singh

Kamakshi (The Wedding Planning Company) handled the decor for my destination wedding in Jim Corbett and she made it a dream come true.


She's a very professional and smart decorator who really knows her art well. She will understand your preference thoroughly and give you exactly what you want. You can leave your function up to her, and she will confidently do a great job, whatever the theme may be. She is very creative, gives great out of the box ideas and makes it all look BEAUTIFUL.


You can trust her with all the planning for your big day and just relax. Recommend her to everyone as she decorates beautifully and executes perfectly. Our wedding pictures are awesome thanks to you. So Big Thank you Kamakshi! :)

PS: Wish I could post some pictures of your work with this review but not possible 

Vriti And Kapil 

I have no words to describe her work. We had a problem with the decorator last moment and looped in Kamakshi last moment (literally 10 days before the wedding).


She was truly a blessing in disguise. All it took was 2 meetings with her for couple of hours and none of us (not even a single family member) had to look at the arrangements at the venue.


She executed everything just the way we had decided. Everything was so beautiful and fresh at all our wedding functions. I loved my wedding decor, it was just so pretty. She takes your wedding to another notch.


Anybody who wants a fairy tale wedding, just go with her as the decorator and you will not be disappointed 

Pooja And RAhul

DSCF9824 (1).jpg
Dear Kamakshi, 

I have no words to express my thanks to you for such beautiful and flawless decor. All the guests were totally amazed to see the fairy tale wedding. You have earned so much praise for your awesome work from each and every guest.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person. God bless you always 🙏


Dr. Mukta ( Mother of the bride)

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