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How to Reuse and Recycle your Wedding Flowers

The three Cs you got to have to repurpose your Ceremony flowers:

Curiosity, Creativity, Clarity!

Flowers are indeed a proven source of happiness! And like happiness, even the flowers used at your wedding won't last forever! Let's be honest, the money spent on them only feels worthwhile when you know they'll be enjoyed from the beginning of the day until the very end!

From donation to decoration, there are a plethora of ways to recycle your wedding flowers! How to do it? Don't you worry, the Wedding Planning Company is here to make sure you know everything when it comes to a clean and green wedding! Sounds like a dream? Not anymore!

Reuse for better use!

Choose from walking away with the love of your life over an unforgettable line of blossoms or enjoy an aesthetically alluring "Phoolon Ki Holi" with your loved ones and give a second chance to the flowers used a day before! What can be better than using them again?


After the celebration is done, consider donating your flowers to a local hospital or charity. They will happily accept it and will make sure that deserving people receive them. Make arrangements with the recipient organization and your wedding planner ahead of time to avoid any last-minute confusions!


You can always give the used flowers out to small vendors who'll accept it in return of some minimal amount. We promise you, it'll make you feel so good!

Floral Perfumes & Incense sticks

Try connecting with small business owners who make essential oils or organic agarbattis out of fresh or worn out flowers, or both! It's waste for you but super valuable for them! You can check out companies like PHOOL who accept used flowers. Ultimately happiness is scented flower products! Isn't it?

Beautiful Bouquets for Guests

A beautiful parting gift for your loved ones- simple and unique! So be quirky and artistic enough to create bunches to give to guests as they leave!

Image Source: Pinterest

Wedding Accessories

Get yourself elegant yet chic flower accessories from Day 1 that you can surely make use of on Day 2! Floral headbands, Jhumkis, bangles, rings, la la la la, the truth is, floral jewellery is gorgeous and in vogue!

Dry them out!

Have some of the flowers pressed and preserved. Dry the flowers out and frame them in a shadow box to keep as a special memento of the occasion. Once they are permanently flattened and have no moisture remaining, you can style them in a frame to create a keepsake piece of art!

Quick pro tip: To dry the flowers, hang them upside down in a cool and dry room. Doing this will help to remove all the moisture locked inside the blooms, and you will be left with a gorgeous souvenir

Image Source: Pinterest

Go Organic!

You can surely touch base with people who make organic products like handmade floral soaps, floral petals in tea infusions or what is called herbal tea. Even floral candles or homemakers who make natural beverages with flowers like Desi Gulab! Check out Pulp Fiction Initiative based out of Mumbai who make vases and pots made with pulp of flowers collected from weddings.

Image Source: Pinterest, Pulp Fiction Initiative, Gulmeher

Discussing and putting the wedding design together is undoubtedly a huge task! During this, your Wedding Planner should be smart enough to give you several options for reusing the same flowers designed differently in all the functions! *hint hint* We do it frequently so that you wave the stress goodbye!

Written & Compiled by Kamakshi Anand

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