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Shoes At Weddings

When Coco Chanel said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”, she was so right!

But not only for women, shoes for men have also gained immense popularity.

On that note, let’s sit back and take a look at the different kinds of footwear one is bound to find at Indian weddings and the different personalities donning them.

Designer, couture shoe: Mostly worn by the Papa ki Pari, these are branded, high-end footwear. Brands such as LV, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Prada, and the likes … It’s all about taste, baby!

Flats: For the ultimate chiller girl who cares more about comfort. Be it at the sangeet under her lehenga or with a kurta at the haldi ceremony, this woman likes to keep it super relaxed. It helps her to run around and make sure everything is happening according to her checklist. Independent girl alert!

Bridal sneakers: A favourite amongst the millennial, experimental bride, these sneakers come in varied shades of hot red, pink, white, and more to let the bride dance her heart out. What’s more, these are embellished, too. Bling, bling…

Black velvet shoes: Why should girls have all the fun, right? That’s the motto of all the dulhe ke bhai who are feeling nothing less than ramp walk models in their suits and these fancy shoes!

Quirky jutti: Sleek, embroidered jutti with tassels in popping colours, that’s the vibe of the quirky bride who is playful and fun. Don’t miss the ‘Patakha, Dulhan, and Mrs.’ embroideries on her juttis. Super cute, we say!

Platforms: “Beta, fashion should be comfortable,” says every Indian middle-aged aunty who has tumbled way too many times in heels, and now accepted her fate. Oops! *bites tongue*

Stilettos: The groom’s saalis are all about style, hotness, and glamour. And they make sure everyone knows. *cue: Hey Shanaya, ho Shanaya! 🎵*

Customised shoes: Worn by the experimental couple who doesn’t do anything that’s commonplace. This dulha-dulhan duo proclaims their love for each other to the world by customising each aspect of their outfit- including their footwear! You may find the shoes of the bride and the groom to have the first initial of their would-be life partner. Swooooning….

Leather shoes: If you spot any handsome, drool-worthy boy at an Indian wedding wearing leather shoes, know that he has a strong sense of self. This guy is super-confident in himself, and needless to say earns handsomely. 💲 💲 💲

Custom-made shoes: You know the best kind of rich? It’s the old rich! They don’t like anything trendy, flashy, or quirky. For them, it’s about timelessness and stature. These men and women want their possessions to be an extension of their personalities, and hence, their shoes, too, are made to the T according to their specs!

Ultimately, all we have to say is this: “Don’t judge a book by its cover but for sure judge a person by their footwear!” *wink emoji*

Do you think we missed a certain kind of shoe? Let us know! 👟 👠

Written by Tanvi Jain

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