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Kind of BOYS you spot at weddings!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

It's raining Men...hallelujah....

Remember Sheena from DDLJ....there will be singing, there'll be music, there'll be dancing and BOYS....

The only thing more important than chilling with your girlies at an Indian wedding is ogling at the dashingly dressed men there! The Wedding Planning Company has curated this list of the kind of men us women see at weddings:

1. The Mama’s Boi

You can’t miss spotting him; he loves his mama so much that you can always find him standing by her side, with a glass of coke in his hand!

2. Mr. Dancer

This one is always seen either on the dance floor or dragging others to shake a leg. It doesn’t matter that the DJ party is at night; he’ll arrange for some music during the high-tea as well.

3. Rowdy Rathore

You know him as the guy who yells, “Kitthe gayi sharaab di gaddi?” every five minutes! Too drunk to stand properly, he’s always found creating a ruckus.

4. Mr. Perfect

He is that gentleman who is too cool for anybody; he’s standing in the corner with an air of attitude around him. Don’t mistake him for being ignorant though; he’s most likely checked you and all your friends out already!

5. Cutie-patootie

From helping take care of the flower arrangements to making sure all the relatives have a room if it’s a destination wedding, he just manages it all, all the while looking oh, so cute!

6. The Charmer

You know him as everybody’s darling! He is the sweet boy who’s mingling with all the relatives, remembers who went to a vacation where, makes all the aunties laugh.

It's raining MEN....hallelujah!!

These are a few types of men we’ve observed. Add to the list? 😉

Written by Tanvi Jain with inputs from all the naughty ladies at TWPC

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