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Kind of Uncles we spot at Indian Weddings

Updated: May 10, 2020

We were just thinking about how uncles are such an important part of an Indian wedding. They come in different shapes and sizes (hahaha), and make the wedding more fun. The Wedding Planning Company thanks all these uncles for lending their own touches to shaadis:

1. Snake dance expert

This uncle knows his moves, and there's no stopping him from flaunting them. He will do the snake dance, and make everyone excited to come to the dance floor and join him. Well, we don't mind ourselves some snake moves!

2. Lovey-dovey

Most probably seen singing ae meri zohrajabi, he is the expressive lover boy who is always complimenting his wife, and being a social butterfly.

3. Bubbly mausaji

You know the sweet uncle who is always chilling with the youngsters, talking to them, cracking jokes at the pheras? Yes, that's our mausaji. He's just too cute.

4. Complaining fufa ji

The dal tadka is not upto the mark, the waiters weren't told beforehand that he's THE guy to be taken care of, a special announcement wasn't made for him to give the couple his blessings- fufa ji doesn't even need an introduction.

5. The serious uncle

People know him as uncle kill joy! He's always rushing the baraat, never has the time to smile for photos, is always telling aunties that they'll be left at the parlours if they don't get ready on time. Wedding is a serious business!

6. Like fine wine

You can never tell how old he is. 40? 50? 35? He's probably taken tips from Anil Kapoor to look forever young.

7. The bald patch uncle

No wedding is complete without that one uncle who has a big paunch and is rocking his bald patch. Usually, he is walking with his hands clasped behind his back, or snoring comfortably on the sofa during pheras!

8. The business tycoon

Lovingly referred to as Mr. Pheku by the guests, he's the uncle whose turnover doubles every time you meet him. If you happen to stand with him, you're sure to hear him quote some inspirational sayings about hard work.

9. The photo-bomber

This uncle wants to be in every picture. He doesn't care that you were looking for the perfect selfie spot for the last one hour, and were about to click THE photograph that would just blow up everyone's social media. Instead, you now have one (or ten) photos with him. Hmphhh.

Say what you may though, these uncles make a wedding what it should be...memorable and fun. And we wouldn't trade their presence for anything else!

Compiled by Tanvi Jain

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