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Kind Of MEN The 30 Something Women Want To Marry

Are you a woman in India who’s entering her 30’s? Fret not, they aren’t all weirdos out there!

The Wedding Planning Company has compiled for you the various kinds of men that you might be interested in swiping right *wink-wink*:

Mr. Security

Mr. Security takes you out on lavish dinners, doesn’t sleep around, and surprises you with flowers. TWPC believes that he’s the ultimate catch.

The Total Package

This well-groomed man is smart, funny, and oh, so handsome! He is at the top of his game in his career, but isn’t a workaholic! In his free time, he likes cooking for his lady love, too.

The cultured boy aka the Cutie

If you’re the type of woman who’s sick of those badass boys who only know how to rave, this guy is perfect for you. He opens the door for you and calls your parents on their anniversary. Bonus points to the Cutie if he has dimples!

The Health Buff

Well, who can deny the charm of a well-chiseled body? NO ONE. Mr. Health Buff is impeccably dressed for every date. We’re already swooning thinking about his biceps!

Mr. I’m All Ears He is the man who wants to know your thoughts on marriage, having a family, and what you’re comfortable with, in the bedroom. So ladies, speak up your mind because he is here to understand you!

The Hipster He is the Kurta arm-candy that you wouldn’t mind walking around with. The Hipster might be a writer, a musician, or a traveller. You can count on him for a good conversation!

So, what's your type?? Really...?????

Yaaaa.....We all have a type!!

Written and Complied by Tanvi Jain

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