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Kind of Aunties we spot at Indian Weddings

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Indian weddings have their own charm. While the food and décor catch everyone's eyes, you can't help noticing the aunties. They are bubbly and cute and funny. Most importantly, they are an integral part of the wedding. The Wedding Planning Company has put together a list of fun and lovable aunties that we're sure you notice in every wedding:

The Social Butterflies

Airy, feather-light kisses on the cheek, laughter that does not escape their chosen circle of friends, a pair of sunglasses that is usually sitting on top of a perfectly blow-dried mane. These aunties are just too cute yaaa! Enlightening others on the teachings of “Guru ji”, telling everyone about the beautiful vacation to Azerbaijan that their children gifted them are what make them stand out. Shivoham Shivoham!

Gossip Gals

Dekho ji, be it a destination wedding or a simple wedding close to home, no wedding is complete without one aunty having the time of her life by gathering information, and passing it along like wildfire. Shaadi mein gossip nahi kiya to kya kiya!

Red-carpet lover

This wedding is her personal red-carpet. The paparazzi's delight, her lehenga can give a competition to the bride's, and her jewellery is heavier than the bride's mother. She has gotten a new diamond set made for her niece's engagement ceremony plus a Kundan ka haar for the wedding, and she's going to make sure you take notice. There's one such aunty in every wedding!


She wants to set up Santosh aunty's daughter with Bittoo's uncle son ASAP. Why is she so bothered, you ask? Because she likes attending weddings. She likes the attention on her new pink diamonds when other aunties are discussing if this hypothetical match would work out.

The Disco Diva

Aunty ji, aunty ji, get up and dance! This aunty just wants to have the time of her life. Taking the mic from the emcee to sing a melodious old number for the happy couple or enamouring everyone with her thumkas on the dance floor, she may have aged in numbers, but her charm is still intact!

We don't mean to offend any aunty with this blog, you know we love youuu...After all, what is an Indian Wedding without some tadka! And tadka is exactly what aunties provide to the wedding. Keep being your amazing selves, aunties!!!

Compiled by Tanvi Jain

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