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How to avoid THE dreaded question at weddings: When are YOU getting married?

What is it with Indian relatives and their obsession with marriages? If they were focusing on their own children, that'd still be okay (poor children though!), but why are they so concerned about MY marriage, even more than my parents are most of the times?

The Wedding Planning Company understands your struggles. After going through such harrowing times ourselves, we've come up with a few excuses that you can use to avoid that dreaded question:

1. This will work like a wonder in the times to come. Just tell all the inquisitive aunties that marriage seems like a distant future for you since you're still recovering from COVID-19. That should make them stand two meters apart from you. Mean, but effective!

2. Elders generally cite the top most reason to getting you married as this: Bacche kab karoge fir? The next time you're asked this, simply say, “I don't need to get married for that, do I?” :)

3. Remember how all the students in 'Main Hoon Na' ran from Mrs. Kakkar? Make those kids your guru, and run whenever you see any aunty approaching. If anything, if she catches a hold of you, her question would have changed to: why were you running away from me? Yohoo!

4. Just feign a very shocked face, and say: But aunty, I got married last year. Were you not invited? OOPS! Wicked (*wink*wink)

5. This would be really funny, and TWPC would love to be there to see the aunties' reactions when you say: Uhh I only like girls. Do you know of a pretty woman who is looking for a partner? :D

6. You can always answer with, "Shaadi karungi toh Kareena wala designer lehenga pehen ke, warna dhoole ko Tata bye bye keh dena!" And then go ahead to state the huuuge price of that lehenga. Problem solved. At least for the moment!

7. Tell them about elaborate plans of you moving abroad, and maybe getting a promotion at your company there. Start complaining about how difficult it is to find a man who would leave his job and life here.

There you have it! Please tell us if you use any of these excuses in the future, and how well they worked for you. Toodles !

Content by Vara Raturi

Compiled by Tanvi Jain

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