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Kind of GIRLS you spot at weddings

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Ask any man, and he’d tell you that his number one motivation to go to a wedding is to absorb the beauty that the girls at a wedding bring with them. TWPC lists down different kinds of women you might see at a wedding.

The Selfie-Queen

You know, the one who always has her lips puckered at the phone, is looking for the perfect Insta-worthy background? Yes, that one.

The diet freak

To her, everything at the venue is oily. The hummus has too much oil, the sweets could have been made sugar-free, the vegetable in the salad should have not been roasted. Hmph!

Party animal

“VIP mein complimentary shots bhi dedo isko” rings a bell? She has one motive- to reap the benefits of the open bar, and get suuuuper drunk.

Bride squad member

Always seen making sure that the bride has everything she needs, this one is wearing the most stylish clothes at the wedding, and therefore, getting maximum attention from everyone. :D

Powder room lover

So what if the engagement is taking place right now, she needs to retouch her lipstick yaa! This lovely lady is always seen coming out of or going in the powder room to make sure she looks picture perfect at all times.

Woman on the lookout

She has one and only one reason to be here- to spot cute guys. We applaud her smartness for looking for her life partner where else than at a wedding!

Written by Tanvi Jain with inputs from our extremely naughty team!

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