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Animal Friendly Weddings: A sensitive approach

Ask any animal lover getting married and they will tell you that nothing will make them happier than to have their fur babies by their side on their big day. All my life I've seen my mother talk to my two doggos like they were my siblings!! So, as someone who has literally grown up with canines, I can relate to them. As a wedding planner, I've come across many young couples who are conscious about animal cruelty at weddings and are extremely sensitive towards them. We spoke to some of these couples and

have put together a list on how to be more animal friendly at weddings.

1. Pre-wedding photo-shoots can be made more fun and realistic with the presence of these charming animal friends. Yash & Gunjan had the most gorgeous pre-wedding shoot with Deva, the resort's in-house elephant.

2. Ditch the decorated thalis, and let your pup or kitten be the ring-bearer. It’s cuter, and the relatives wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it for months.

3. It’s 21st century, and the groom needn’t enter the wedding on a Ghodi. Just ride the Harley already!

4. Tie up with the neighbouring animal shelter, and send over the leftover grub to them. The phool-mala and greens used in decorations can also be sent as fodder to Gaushalas.

5. If the families are vegetarians, why not turn it into a vegan wedding? Whether it’s a destination wedding or a residential wedding, you can easily make arrangements for this by hiring a vegan caterer.

6. The bride can use cosmetics that weren’t tested on animals.

7. Guests can be requested not to wear any silk, leather, fur, pearls or wool. Both the bride and groom can wear cruelty-free fabrics as well.

Let's show some love!

Written by Tanvi Jain

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