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How to make your Arranged Marriage Fiancé fall in love with you

So, you've decided to tie the knot but you may not hear the violins strumming just yet!!. It's not an easy task, we know! Especially where something as grand as love is concerned. Be yourself and let the magic unfold...So today we are being the Love Gurus and are here to offer some help:

Be authentically YOU.

Sure it sounds good if you tell someone that you're an amazing singer, but it won't be so amazing when they want to block their ears with cotton on a karaoke night while you're dedicating a song to them. Pretending to be someone you're not in these first days not only means you'll have to keep pretending throughout the marriage, but it's also not a good way to start a relationship.

Make them see your uniqueness, the things that make you you.

Tell them about your special talents, your passions and your values. These could range from being a painter to being able to lick your nose with your tongue! It's these little things that are the stepping stones to the life you're both building together.

Humour is the winner

Partners who laugh together, stay together! If your association with your partner-to-be starts with a tickle on the funny bone, it will lead to a lasting relationship and fun moments! So don't hold back from laying the ground with some inside jokes. They will bring you closer to each other.

Emphasize the importance of truth

People look for honesty in their partners the most. Speak your truth, and be accepting of your partner's truth as well. It's important to make compromises in any relationship but make sure those compromises are not built on lies.

Be kind and caring

Kindness can help you go a long way in any relationship. Be kind towards your partner, and don't hold yourself back in showing them that you care for them and their mental well-being. It always feels nice to see someone being sensitive towards you, especially someone you're going to spend your life with.

Become best friends

Marriages are serious, but it doesn't mean you both cannot have fun. Try using this time before marriage to become each other's best friends. Once that happens, you'll realize everything else becomes effortless.

Take a trip together

If possible, take a short trip together. Even a day trip where it's just the two of you can help you both ease into each other's company, and make you open up to them too. Let your partner see your fun side. Happy people are the most attractive, you know? :)

Meeting friends

Make your partner meet your friends, and let them meet yours. While your friends spill some beans about you, this would also make your partner feel connected to your past.

So all you guys getting into an arranged marriage soon, there is one thing we want to tell will get to know your partner and fall in love with him/her while you are trying to build this beautiful life together ...don't hold back to express your love, make it grand and make it large!

Compiled by Tanvi Jain with Inputs from Vara Raturi

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